Specifics on Da Shnizzy II
Builder:  Steve at LRC
Model: Harley 1975 FXE.  Frame up build.
HD Engine: Accurate Engineering/LRC 80" HD Shovelhead with S&S 514 cam, BC
Gerolomy Heads, Flo Headworks hydraulic lifters, S&S cylinders, Wiseco Pistons .030
over, S&S Super 'E' carb, S&S high flow oil pump, AHC Air Intake.
Exhaust: LRC 'Nice Curves!'
Ignition: Joe Hunt Magneto with Cycle Electric regulator/stator/capacitor.
Frame: 75 HD modified and powder coated.
Gas Tanks: 5 gallon split modified and lifted.  Like fuckin bolt on 'D' cups!!
Oil Tank: LRC round Model 'T'with custom stainless Fab Kevin mounts.
Transmission: Baker 6 into 4 kick only with N1 shift drum and FL gear set. 51 tooth
chain sprocket and 23 tooth countershaft sprocket.
Wheels: HD 40 spoke 16" with fat ass Metzlers.
Handlebars: LRC polished stainless Horned Diablo Skyscrapers.
Forward Controls: Steve Dameron, AKA: 'Damraider', West Coast Choppers CFL style!
Saddle: Paco pan, Roger Harris leather, Fab Kevin seat hinge.
Primary: 2" open belt with top notch 5 pin clutch.
Rear Fender:  Fender and struts fabricated at LRC.
Headlamp: Bates on LRC fabricated .45 caliber mount.
PARTS: A variety of parts in house fabricated at LRC and After Hours Choppers.
Pinstriping: Kandystriper of Roseville.   Paint: Mike Kemp, Jaded Past Customs.
Engraving: Stevo at LRC!
This Chop handles like an FXR and you feel like you are in the soul of the machine when riding her!    A
superior Shovelhead cruiser!   The bike just wants to roll at 90+ with that Baker 6/4 FL gear set.  The fat
gas tank keeps enough reserve for your buds who run dry out in no mans land!  Damn great for an 80"
Shovel !   

A whole basket of heart and soul went into this build. Every portion of this bike was carefully thought
out and meticulously built to last a lifetime!  Each and every nut and bolt is of the highest quality,
properly torqued,  and thread sealed with Loctite or safety wire.  Every Cometic and James gasket is of
the highest quality!  Every TIG weld fused and  filled for superior strength!  This bike is far better
quality than one brand new off the show room floor!

Anyway, Da Shnizzy may be for SALE in the future (maybe NOT).    I rode her on the maiden voyage to
the Biltwell Bash and logged around 1600 miles without one single issue.  The motor is tight, no leaks,
and she runs like a wildcat!!
The rear fender is mounted to the swing arm and moves with the tail section.

Da Shnizzy is a No Nonsense MACHINE with No Battery, Magneto, Foot Clutch, Hand Shift.  The
only thing that could make this bike more impressionable would be no front brake!
Featured in 'The Horse Backstreet Choppers' magazine
October 2009 issue.
I must thank James and Berry at Accurate Engineering for their assistance on
this motor project.  

At the time of the build, my good pal and shop partner George Reynolds was
involved in a serious life threatening explosion where he suffered a severe
head injury.  George had been working on building the motor for this bike
prior to his mishap.   Berry and James helped complete the motor build to the
perfection Accurate Engineering is well known for!!