1956 Panhead Specifications:

Original ENGINE: Built by Mike at OLD-STF Yuba City, CA.
* HD 56 FL 84" Stroker.  Generator class.  New Pan Cylinders!
* S&S stroker flywheels 4.5"
* Wiesco 8.4:1 forged pistons
* Kibblewhite guides, Manley Springs
* Kibblewhite black diamond valves. Oversize intake (shovel      
* Early USA made 468 Sifton Cam (rare)
* S&S E carb
* Hunt Magneto (manual retard)
* Cycle Electric end bell regulator
* Custom made Aluminum Generator

TRANSMISSION: Original OEM Early 4 Speed Ratchet Top
completely gone through by Gary Copeland.

OEM PARTS: Straight leg rigid frame (molded), star hub wheels
with drum brakes, FL front end, split gas tanks, chrome oil
tank, one piece original dash (rare).

PRIMARY DRIVE: 1.5" Belt Drive

EXHAUST:  60's - 70's style Handmade Custom Fishtails.

LRC CUSTOM MADE PARTS: rear fender, handlebars, tag
bracket, headlight mount, motor mount, foot pegs, heel pegs,
brass side panel, brass dash insert.  Chrome by ChromeMasters!

AHC PARTS ENGRAVED:  Brass Shorty Risers, Brass S&S Air

PAINT:  Blue with Pearl Green Flames by Brian Painter from
Orangevale, California.

PINSTRIPING: Kandystriper
Leather frame bag and passenger pad made by Chain at Chain
Links Leather specifically for this Pan.

Headlight is a vintage Unity spot from a fire truck.

Original leather Bates spring seat!
Kick start only!

A one to two kick

Hunt Magneto
100% American Built!
No Chinese V-Twin crap on this bike!
This is one high horse power torque machine that runs
like a crazy Buffalo!
This Panhead is named 'Sweet Rose'. She is a smooth
starting, powerful running machine.  Don't fear the Kicker,
because it kicks over real easy without any lash back!   Clean
reliable Panheads are difficult to find with original clear
California HD title!

'Sweet Rose'
is   SOLD
Primary cover is an ORIGINAL Pauchgo made in Burbank California back
when they were in So Cal long ago!  Original Oil Bag has custom made
battery holder for a mini AGM battery. Capacitor may also be used!