Roger at RMH Custom Leathers in New Jersey is responsible for the seat cover over the PACO seat pan.  Gabe from
After Hours Choppers supplied the 'Shot Glass' tail light bracket and the brass risers.  Some pretty cool contributors!!!
1979 Harley Davidson, 'LUPE' Specifics:

Builders: Steve and Jose at LRC
Engine:  Harley Davidson dual plugged Shovelhead, ported/polished,
bored over .030, hydraulic tappets, Andrews Cam, balanced flywheels,
polished cases, powder coated heads and cylinders.
Tranny: HD 4 speed kick start transmission with polished case.
Frame:  HD Rigid Frame molded.
Suspension:  Seat springs!
Gas Tank: HD Fat Bobs
Front end:  HD 41mm Wide Glide with custom made triple tree's and
chrome lower fork tubes.
Brakes: Performance Machine dual piston front and rear.
Primary: BDL 3" Open
Wheels:  40 spoke Akron
Oil cooler: Chrome Wimmer 8" Finned Tube
Fender:  Custom 200 width.
Pipes: Classic straights with custom tips.
LRC Fabricated parts: 'Lil Diablo' bars, Clubfoot pegs, Stainless Steel
fender struts, Knuckle Duster kicker, caliper mount, Piston velocity stack,
stainless steel remote oil filter mount, and other modified stuff!!!

Paint:  House of Color Fire Engine Red with Charlie Horse  Iron Cross
Pinstriping: Kandystriper of Roseville, CA.
Due to anonymity requirements
and concerns I must not ever
over expose the fine folks you see
on this website.  SO with that
being said.  I simply want to
thank Sergeant Jose for his years
of service.

Anyone who knows the Sarg,
knows he is held in high regard
by his community, know he is
Brave, and know he is a true
American Patriot!

Jose is a great friend and a solid
leader to his men!
SOLD!!  And the new owner wrecked it within the
first three weeks.