Our shop is staffed 24/7 by Mac and Knuckles. We are  open by appointment only!!  If you show up without
an appointment, MAC will not let you in.  KNUCKLES is totally unpredictable with strangers. Your
appointment time is when these boys are locked down!
These are our Security Measures at LRC.  

Mac and Knuckles, and all our dogs, are well cared for and we love them!  

We love Pit bulls because they are great all around pets and great protectors of the family.  Pit
Bulls are the most misunderstood breed because of negative media hype. The only thing that
can ever be bad about a Pit Bull is a BAD OWNER who mistreats them.  All of our dogs have
been RESCUED from bad environments and properly trained.  They all live well without fear of
harm.  They all respect us and are loyal companions.  It is a beautiful thing when you have an
obedient dog who understands their role as a pack member!

All of our dogs at LRC are protective of their territory/property and understand the need for
proper security. They know who is right and who is wrong. They will NOT hesitate and they will
NOT negotiate!
If for any reason you are
dissatisfied with our
appointment schedule or
have any complaints, then
relax and:
Kellie, AKA: Kandystriper is the most talented pinstriper known to mankind!  If you desire an artistic landscape on your
motorcycle, helmet, or parts, contact Kellie or contact Steve for the hook up!
At Lillian Rose Choppers we really do care about providing our customers and friends with the highest level of service.  If
you are modern day Special Ops Combat Warrior undergoing rehabilitation for war related difficulties,  we would love to
build a motorcycle with you if that is your dream or passion!  Contact Steve at LRC to discuss the details of our Combat
Warrior Motorcycle Build Program.   It may be the ultimate Mission and Challenge that can change all our lives for the better!

Sharon and I reside and run the LRC shop in a quiet secluded area of the Sierra Foothills on 5 acres.  We have private guest
quarters for family, friends, and those who are passing through on their journey.  If any of you Active Duty War Fighters are
coming to California and need a place to kick back and rest, give us a call!
We do not knowingly do business with Tweakers (Meth users)
or Dope addicts.  NO Tweaks are allowed on our property.  
Tweaks are nothing more than moving targets. Useless mutants!

If your a Tweak and you want any of our products, just order
on line.  That way we have no contact and don't know any

You know you SUCK!
Shop Hours:


Always Appointment Only!

Lillian Rose Choppers
Steve Weinstock
amilton, MT 59840
If you are not a tweaker, but you are a thief,
dishonest at heart, abusive to animals, abusive
to the weak, or generally unkind in nature,
well, I don't care how much money you have.  
YOU are NOT welcome at Lillian Rose

I (Steve) am not nearly Superman, nor am I
perfect, but I strongly affirm truth, justice, and
the American way!!!
'No Slack'  Sniper team in Afghanistan.
Thanks Fellas!