This is the 'Master Vibrator'.  Much heart went into this build and we are proud to
present it.  Built in loving memory of 'Poppy'  'The Swede', 1900 - 1982.  
"May God make
smooth the path you follow"

Engine: S&S 93" High Compression (10:1) Shovelhead with dual plugged heads, .600 S&S
Carburetor: XXX modified S&S 'E' w/ Goodson 7 fin air cleaner
Ignition and Charging System: Morris Magneto and Cycle Electric
Primary Drive: Rivera Primo 3" open kick with Pro-Clutch
Transmission: Baker 6 speed into 4 speed case kick only with neutral below 1st gear (Baker
N1 Shift Drum).
Exhaust: LRC Stainless Steel 'Bloodworms'
Frame:  Chopper Guys / LRC modified one off custom w/ 3" back stretch, 0" down, 35 degree
Front End: Factory Bad Boy Springer 2" over
Wheels: American Wire 80 spoke with black painted rims
Gas Tank: Independent modified by LRC
Oil Tank: Moon Eyes 1 gallon
Fender: LRC
Handlebars: LRC Skyscrapers
Brakes: JB and Exile Sprotor
Fab Kevin: Tag Bracket, Moon tank mounts, seat hinge
Saddle: Rich Phillips and LRC
Paint:  Rob Williams, Pinstriper - Kandystriper (Kellie)
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Foot clutch, hand shift, no battery/Magneto driven, 110
HP Shovelhead.  Truly powerful and truly attractive to
all who spectate.
Here she is folks!!!   'Lillian'