WWI U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Duster Kicker Pedal   Completely assembled  ready for installation on your kicker arm.  
Heavy Duty Cast Brass Pedal with
NEW Heavy Duty machined Billet Chromoly oversized clevis/shaft assembly. The
strongest kicker pedal in the world.   A Lillian Rose Choppers Exclusive USA Product!  Full Life Warranty!

Polished Brass or Cast Finish.................................................................................$169.00   

Kicker Pedal Engraving available upon request for an additional $90 charge.

These WWI U.S. 1918 Knuckle Duster Kicker Pedals sell out fast!  
NEW IMPROVED Kicker Pedals have Heavy Duty over sized Billet Chromoly shafts
for increased super strength. They will not bend or break.  Made for Harley Strokers
and High Compression Engines. Machined in Hamilton Montana.

$169.00 each
Have your Kicker Pedal custom hand engraved for only $90.00.
BRASS POINTS COVERS  In Stock, price reduction!
Solid 360 Billet BRASS 1/4" thick Points Covers for EVO, Cone Shovelhead, Sportster, Ironhead, and Twin Cam.  EMAIL your
design idea to LRC for an accurate engraving price quote.  My Metal Tattooing is cheaper than a skin tattoo and will last longer.  

Points covers currently being sold with engraving ONLY.  Points cover blanks not sold separately.
A NON PROFIT Motorcycle Shop.  All purchases barely support this distinguished hobby!
Lillian Rose Choppers Ships around the WORLD.  All packages ship USPS Priority
International Flat Rate.  All packages ship as "GIFTS" so you don't get double taxed and
jammed up by cutoms agents!
HOW TO ORDER:  I accept Paypal, personal checks, cashier's checks, money
orders, and cash for payment.   I will not ship any item until checks clear the

Thank You for considering USA Made products exclusively from LRC!
$260 Engraved

Twin Cam
$260 Engraved

Cone Shovel,
Evo, and
LRC Kicker Pedals were commonly used to kick the piss out of the Germans during WWI.
IN STOCK!  Lillian Rose Choppers solid brass OEM style gas caps for 1982 and up Harley gas tanks, including
Sportsters.  These brass caps are solid 360 brass and made right here in the USA.  I stipple engrave each gas cap rim
and polish them.  Gas caps can also be custom engraved for
$310.00 each.
Items that use gasoline or oil cannot be refunded.  All sales are final.  The only returns accepted are
blemished or damaged items, but evey item at LRC is closely inspected prior to shipping.
3/16" Thick
Billet Brass
1/4" Thick
Billet Brass
1/4" thick Billet
Brass Plate

BACK IN STOCK!!  LRC has BILLET BRASS Derby Covers for Twin Cam and EVO,
Inspection Covers for Twin Cam and EVO, and Points Covers for Twin Cam and EVO.  
MADE IN THE USA.   Sold with engraving only.

Engraving costs are separate.  Contact LRC by EMAIL for engraving price quote.  Costs less than a decent tattoo and
will no fade away!
Engraving Cost Summary
Kinda lame arm tattoo:
Breast augmentation: $8,000.00,
Half your pension, she gets the
house, but you got to play with her
friend too!
Lillian Rose Choppers solid brass derby
cover engraved: Between $350.00 and
Lasts a life time and won't fade or sag!
$170.00 a set (one vented).  $90 for one (vented)
Brass Oil Level Sight Gauges
Vented sight gauges are available by special order with engraving only.  Comes complete with Brass sight gauge
(sealed glass tube window), weld in steel oil tank bung, and 1/4 NPTF threaded fitting.  The sight gauge tube
measures 2-1/4" length.  Total length is approximately 3-1/4".
Brass sight gauge pricing is as follows:    SOLD OUT

1.  BRASS SIGHT GAUGE....................................$154.00 each

Engraving is $35 per base slab side.  There are three sides to each gauge.  Order must include
minimum of one side engraved with design of your choice.

A three side engraved sight gauge is $259.00 plus $6.00 USPS Priority Shipping in the USA.
Tattooed Brass Points Covers FOR SALE! and ON SALE!
Below are the nine random designed Points Covers I freehand engraved. Each design is proprietary and one of a kind never to
be exactly duplicated.   OR, have me custom engrave a points cover specifically for you and your bike!  Just contact me with
your ideas and we will make it happen.  Custom points covers are
$260.00 each.
SOLD $260
SOLD $260
SOLD $260
$260 SOLD

Cast Black Cerakote Knuckle Duster
Kicker pedal. Can be used as
Footpegs.   Custom Order

Cast Antique Knuckle Duster Kicker
Pedal.  Can be used as

Double D 4Dice Kicker Pedal made
with all Stainless Steel hardware,
Billet Aluminum or Brass Center, and
Harley Davidson Logo Resin Dice.  
This is a Custom Order

All Kicker Pedals / Footpegs are Heavy
duty with a lifetime Shaft/Clevis
warranty.  They will not bend or break
like the stock OEM's and Chinese

LRC Kicker Pedals are Hand Made in
Montana, USA!
LRC kicker pedal shaft/clevis assemblies are heavy duty and
oversized for Stroker and High Compression kick start
Harley's.   They are made in the USA using US manufactured
Chromoly steel.  The Clevis will fit any OEM Harley kicker
arm.  Guaranteed not to break or bend like the OEM ones do!

These are an exlusive LRC product and I only make 50 pieces
a year.  Custom Aluminum Brass kicker pedals are available
by special order!  Contact me at
LRC Kicker pedals carry a full life warranty.  If your kicker pedal clevis/shaft ever fails, I will
replace it for free.  This warranty is void if you made any modifications to the assembly or it is
damaged from misuse or collision.  LRC Brass Kicker pedals are only designed and
manufactured for use as a motorcycle kick start pedal and never to be used for any other
purpose.  Check your state and/or country law prior to purchase.
Buy TWO kicker pedals to use as footpegs
$330.00  USA only.
Combat Veterans are eligible for discount pricing on
kicker pedals and pedal engraving.  Contact Steve at
NEW!  Billet Aluminum CNC machined Morris / Hunt Magneto caps.  Throw away the cheap
Bakelite caps that will leave you stranded.  These USA made magneto caps have thick Delrin
isolators and will never fail!  $240 gets you an engraved Magneto cap.  Email or call me with
your design idea!