The Story Behind This One!
Captain Phils 1974 Kick Only HD Ironhead.

MOTOR: Truett and Osborne Built. Top end rebuild by
George Reynolds and Phil!

FRAME: Paughco Rigid 40 degree Wishbone.

GAS TANK: Chopped up and slimmed down Sporty tank
modified by Steve and Phil. Filler by Gabe at After Hours

FENDER: Chopped, cut, and welded by Steve and Phil.

HANDLEBARS: Made by Phil and Steve. Chromed by
Chrome Masters.

FRONT SPOOL WHEEL: Bob's Cycles in Arizona.

SPRINGER: Old one from 80's we think!

SADDLE: Pan made by an old guy and leather work by
Brianne Mclean at Cycle Cosmetics, Reno.

KICKER ARM and PEDAL:  Arm is Lillian Rose HD
Stainless (a must for any kick bike) with an LRC Hand
Engraved WWI Knuckle Duster Pedal.

OIL TANK: Old hand made aluminum with handmade
LRC knurled Filler plug.

PAINT:  By Heston over in Pueblo Colorado (Dirty's Bud)

EXHAUST: Looks like either Paughco or Cycle Shack.

TAG BRACKET: After Hours Choppers Tit Mouse LED.

ELECTRICAL: George Reynolds.

Special Thanks to George Reynolds and Dirty D for
coming over to Lillian Rose Choppers and lending a
helping hand with the build.   Pinstriping will be artistically
added by our gal Kandystriper of Roseville California!
This bike started out
as a limp and nearly
dead Ironhead that
we rebuilt from the
bare frame on up!  
Phil honed his TIG
welding skills with
this build and we
banded together to
build Fly Boy Phil a
super cool slim
chopper!   Some Pin
striping and AHC
engraved brass air
cleaner would top off
this little splitter!
Thanks to Miss Sharon for
hanging out with us and
taking photos.  She's too
pretty not to include in the
line up!  Plus, Sharon is
really cool and loves us, as
we do her!

We love our dogs because
they are a couple of
clowns!  Fun to hang out
with.  The dogs are always
up for a photo op and they
dig hanging out in the