Gary's Rigid Ironhead is a fantastic bike!  The details and
simplicity are just awesome! Gary used an LRC Ribbed Oil
Cooler to give that Ironhead motor a cool extended life!
Gary Labrots 'Mexican Blackbird' Ironhead
Tom Hancock's Rigid Panhead
Tom went all out on his Panhead build using all Top Quality U.S.A. made parts from some of the finest folks in the industry. I
thank Tom for working with Lillian Rose Choppers to make this bike truly 'one of a kind'!!  Everyone involved in this project did a
Super job!

Tom, Thank You for your commitment and military service to the United States!
Dirty D's CFL Shovelhead.  Built by 'Dirty D' at the DD Chop Shop.   This is one of the cleanest Shovels I have ever engraved.
Heston is the talent that shot the paint and Christian at Xian Leather carved out some fine leather saddle!
Dirty D's CFL Shovel
Always a work in progress!  Tom's Pan.
Dave Elliott's middle son
coming at you straight from
E-mail from Big Poppa Squat:

I read the install article in Street Choppers and just ordered your kit. My 78 FXE bears a Marine Corps logo with memorial to my father, H.R. "Tiger"
Wingren, who died last year. His ashes are in the headlight housing. He was a Pacific Theater Marine in WWII, stationed at Pearl. He dropped out of
high school and worked in the shipyards at Long Beach to do his part for the war effort until he was old enough to join the Marines. After two years of
island fighting he enlisted in pilot school and flew bombers for the remainder of the war. He spent three days swimming to Hawaii when his plane went
down over the Pacific. His co-pilot didn't make it. He was scheduled for the invasion of Japan, aborted by little boy and fat man. He flew helicopters
through the Korean Conflict. They don't make men like my father's generation anymore.
I'm a member of VFW 2951 mens' auxiliary. Harley  riders abound at the V.
My current build project is a Paughco framed 97 Buell Cyclone motor with mid-pegs, hand made rear fender, 4" over dual disc narrow glide and 18"
rear wheel.
I've enjoyed your website and wanted to share something about my bike and my dad, so you won't think I'm a tweaker ordering anonymously by
paypal. I hate tweakers, the one percenters who supply them, and shakedown cops.

Paul Wingren, AKA Big Poppa Squat
Big Poppa Squats Shovel
Big Poppa Squats Buell
Rigid build.
Sean Sedotals
Ivan Nicolas' Fat Evolution Rigid!
Ivan built up his bike in France where he currently lives and rides!
Nice LRC U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Duster Kicker Pedal!
Mario at Chopper Kulture in the UAE built this bike.  I engraved the gas/oil
caps, risers, air cleaner, Pan kidney cover, and probably something else I don't

The bike won first place at the Sturgis Rat's Hole Bike show probably because
I engraved everything!!  HEHEHE!!!
Edge built his
Panhead using
and LRC for fit
and style!

Blondee sure adds
some juice to the
machine as well!
Greg 'Edge' Scheuler from the Horse Backstreet Choppers Rag, built this Panhead up from the floor.  Nice
Pan with some LRC Tattooing to carry the Celtic theme!
Mario's bike was built
using After Hours
Choppers, Fab Kev,
and Lillian Rose Parts
and influence!
Peter Adolfssons custom built Shovelhead.  Peter lives in Finland
and hired me to engrave a brass points cover.  His Shovel was
featured at a bike show in Finland!
BRASSHOLE!!!!!   Here is Kevin's Bike.  Pimp Twim Cam for sure!
Thanks for having me engrave your ride Kevin!
Hoosier Daddy Choppers
Sturgis Rathole 1st place Bikeshow Winner
Lillian Rose Choppers engraved
nearly every custom brass piece
on this custom Ironhead built
by Jon Shipley!
Kevin Becktell's
Home built Sporty!
Kevin built his sporty using a great deal of After
Hours and Lillian Rose Influence!  Thanks Kevin!
Counts Kustoms, Las Vegas NV.  Les Paul Commemorative 100th Anniversary Shovelhead built by
Shannon. Parts provided by After Hours Choppers, Lillian Rose Choppers, OLD STF Cycles.  Engraving from Lillian Rose
Choppers.  ZERO RECOGNITION from Koker on the Counting Cars TV show.