If Magnetos were good enough to use on WWII short range fighter aircraft, then they are a
wise choice for your motorcycle, especially if you are running a kick only, no battery, foot
clutch, suicide shift set up like we do on nearly all of our bikes here at Lillian Rose Choppers.  
Probably less than 1% of all motorcycle riders use this type of set up.  Lots of airplane motors
use them though!

When using a Magneto with no battery, you MUST also use a '
NO BATTERY' regulator with a
capacitor if you expect to have lights.  The only company who makes this special regulator is
CYCLE ELECTRIC (part number CE-22ANB).  This is a 22amp no battery regulator.  The reason
you cannot use a standard regulator is because a standard regulator requires a 12 volt battery
signal to tell it to turn on and put out juice.  You don't need it for the bike to run, but you do
need it for your lights to turn on.  In theory, you can use a standard regulator and start the
bike.  There will not be any lights.  You can touch 12 volt battery leads to the capacitor and
your lights will turn on and stay on while the bike is running.  You just told your regulator to
turn on with the 12 volt current.  NO BATTERY regulators are fluid and do not require any 12
volt Jolt!  So you will always have lights when the bike is running.   Your capacitor holds
enough charge during operation to keep your lights from dimming too much or flickering.  A
22amp system is all you need for the standard Shovel, Pan, or Evo with a headlight and tail
light.  Don't tell me you have a stereo system and FX lights under your tank!!!  If you do, then
get the Hell off this website.

What is the difference between a Hunt Magneto and Morris Magneto?  Is one better than the
other?  The Morris is a high quality mag.  The Hunt cam gear is a heavy duty gear assembly
and has a removable cam lock roll pin.  I use both Hunt and Morris, but I like to use the Hunt
cam gear on both units.  The gears are interchangeable.  The Morris Mag has a nice cam gear
and uses a solid steel cam lock pin.  If the Morris cam lock pin breaks or recesses into the
gear,  your fucked!  You can drill the Morris cam gear all the way through and replace the
solid pin with a removable roll pin.  The Morris cam gear is built in two sections.  The Morris
Mag is a bit lighter than the Hunt and does not have such a tall profile.  This is personal
preference!  Both throw a hot spark and will knock you on your ass!  The Morris mag uses a
solid and full rare earth magnet which is most excellent!    One nice thing about the HUNT
magneto is the Mag head adjustment.  It has much more range than the Morris and is easier to
time due to only having one set screw for the Mag head adjustment.  The Morris uses two
nuts to secure the Mag head to the gear case housing and a Teflon gasket between the mag
head and cam cover.  That gasket sticks over time and makes it difficult to adjust the mag
head without tearing the gasket.  Then you have to pull the mag head, replace the gasket, and
re-static time the unit.  Kind of a pain, but pretty minor!   This is not an issue with the Hunt
mag.   In my humble opinion, the Morris has a better profile as far as looks, but there again,
personal preference!

The Hunt is a couple hundred bucks less than the Morris, and I am on a tight budget.  Either
Mag is fine!  

Make absolutely sure you only use non resistor style spark plugs and solid core (or stranded
solid core) spark plug wires with a Magneto.

Lillian Rose Choppers sells Morris and Hunt Magnetos and accessories.  I am no longer a
Cycle Electric dealer so you go to Mike at OLD STF to purchase the Cycle Electric 'NO
BATTERY' regulators, capacitors, and generators.   The full Cycle Electric charging system is
available by special order.  Cycle Electric builds the finest U.S.A. made regulators on the
planet.  They are a small operation and I encourage you to purchase their products.  They are
the last of a dying American breed of quality manufacture and we need them to stay in the

Know this,,,,YOU cannot use a Cycle Electric 'No Battery' regulator with your standard 12 volt
battery operated system.  This is per the Techs at Cycle Electric.  You also CANNOT order
directly from Cycle Electric, so click on the OLD-STF logo below and contact Mike for your
ignition system needs!  May as well order everything from Mike because he has the best
prices and working knowledge of everything he fabricates, builds, and sells!

You can e-mail me with any questions.

Technical Information for MAGNETOS and Oil
Contact Mike for any
Cycle Electric parts order.  
You cannot order directly
from Cycle Electric.