Batwings Sporty Build
A U.S. Army Airborne Ranger is home from battle and we are banding together as brothers to build
him a Hardtail Rockin Sporty!!!
This page will be updated weekly
There are Men of courage, fortitude, honor, integrity,commitment, and bravery who VOLUNTEER to selflessly serve in U.S. Military Special
Operations.  They serve as elite warriors who love their country and are willing to die for her!  They are truly the 1% of society and more so the 1%
that exist within the military. They fight and give all for the Freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.  They don't do this for fame and ask
for little in return.  It should be every citizens committed mission to give back to these warriors and their families, so they may live safely in peace and
separate themselves from the Hell they have suffered.  We owe them a debt of gratitude before anything else!

Batwings Sportster Chopper Build serves a higher purpose on so many different levels.  This is not simply a bike build.  This is a Mission.  This is a
project of purpose for two Special Operations Soldiers who are fighting towards Peace in their own hearts after being wounded from war!

U.S. Army Ranger 'Dirty D' and Army Ranger 'Batwing' are home from years of engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq and we are banding together
as Brothers to build BatWing a Rockin Hardtail Sporty!
Our new found Brother Scott (AKA: BatWing) is a U.S. Army Special  Operations Soldier who has served eight (8) rotations in Iraq and
Afghanistan.  He has approximately 12 years in military service.  Scott has served our country with bravery and distinction. The  missions he has
served are mostly of confidential nature, but I can tell you he has been deep in the Hell hole of battle and has suffered the traumas associated with
war.  BatWing suffered from serious brain injuries incurred in the Middle East and survived the war.

Our Brother Anthony (AKA: Dirty D) is a recently former U.S. Army Special Operations Cat.  Dirty was 18 years in the service, with the majority of
his time in Special Ops.  He served numerous tours of duty in Afghanistan over the years. He suffered a traumatic brain injury during an engagement
with the enemy.

Scott and Dirty have been (and are currently)  undergoing treatment and rehabilitation for their war related brain injuries.  They are at an on site
medical facility four days a week, then they come to my place (Lillian Rose Choppers) and stay 3 days a week.  This is where the real re-hab takes place!
Working in the shop and choppin up some steel!   My home and shop is open to my Brothers without restriction.  Gabe from After Hours Choppers
and I are dedicating ourselves as a resource to Dirty and BatWing for a Sporty Chop Build that is off the HEEEEZEEE Scale!!  There is no better
therapy than building and creating your own machine with trusted compadres!!  Time to get crackin on the project cuz time is a slippin!!
An Introduction to BatWing and Dirty
I want to thank the following folks for their contributions and commitments to this project:
"A Phoenix goes through the blazes dies as did his heart when he was rejected by his own
brothers and now is coming back to life with the resurrection of his new brothers, and the
expression of it in the heart and soul put into a few pounds of steel"
The Journey Begins!
Dirty and Batwing roll to Rancho Cucamunga to pick up the Guts of the project.  Once back at the Batcave
(Lillian Rose Choppers) Batwing gets his first riding lesson from Crazy Gabe of After Hours Choppers.

As week 1 rolls to the end we look back into the shop. This is what we have accomplished.  #1 a great opportunity to relax and spend
quality time with true brothers. Everything after that is just icing on the cake.  Now back to the shop,  We got a great set of bars from
Gabe, not to mention some outstanding machine work, taillight, mount and metal remnants. Dirty welded in the gas cap.  Steve cut the
spacers and axle keepers.  We put together the brake stay, built the seat pan, mounted the springs, sanded the rust off the frame,
and spent a lot of time getting parts.  A big thanks to Pat for the hookup on the rear fender.  AND THEN we cleaned up Steve's filthy
Week 2 has come to a close and we sit in the shop discussing next weeks plan.  Look at Batwings build and realize the
accomplishments we made this weekend.  We were able to build an oil tank, fabricate all the mounts, design and engineer a suicide
shifter linkage system, weld up the gas tank, start on the Air intake design,  and make it all from scratch just like grandma use to do.
The only difference between us and grandma is we smoke cigars, which we didn't do, but we need to next week.   

Batwings Parents made the trip over and cooked up mounds of great grub to keep us fueled for the weekend.  BW's Dad got to spend
a couple hours in the shop helping out.  Our friends George, Stephen, and Phil also came around and payed us a visit.  If someone
were able to look down into the shop as we worked it would look like a symphony at Carnegie Hall.  One on the grinder, One on the TIG
rig, and One on the lathe, like one gigantic Chopper Opera.  Or a bunch of Heads runnin around with their Chickens cut off!  In spite of
ourselves, the work continues to get done and it is a great time.  We work hard, put in long hours, and work smoothly together like a
family should.  We want to thank Russell Mitchell (Exile Cycles) for hooking us up with the finest internal throttle assembly made and
Chris Hill (SPD Exhaust Components) for the great tour of his fine facility and his high quality stainless steel exhaust products.  Much
love to the other brothers who have contributed this week.  So until next week, Keep your powder dry, your hatchet scoured, and 60
rounds of ball ready to go at a moments notice!
Thank you to these fine folks
for their kind contributions:
Andrew Ashcraft
Stephen Jakubiak
Bruce Hunt
Fredo Barajas
Randy Gragg
Our Families
Bike Spec Info:

2001 HD Sporty

OEM HD frame
with Led Sled
weld on Hardtail.

Wilwood/LRC rear
brake system.

Nearly everything
else is being hand
fabricated by the
Three Amigo

Full spec sheet at
completion of
So we have Lillian Rose
Choppers, Dirty D's Chop
Shop, and After Hours
Choppers all getting their Dick
Skinners in on this project!
I must extend my appreciation to
my sweet lady Sharon for keeping
the homestead in order and taking
care of us guys!

And of course, our Pit Bull Saki for
staying at Dirty D's side and
recognizing when he was not
feeling well.  Saki had seperation
anxiety when the Dirty and
Batwing had to leave.

In order to reduce the amount of spit bottles scattered all over the shop, we
agreed that one spitoon should suffice!
As week #3 rolls to a close, we thank the good Lord for not allowing the shop to explode into a fiery of flames!!  Batwing was on fire this
weekend and we all survived to tell the story!    The spuds were welded in the frame backbone for tank mounting, the oil tank was
finished and lines cleanly routed, the foot control plates and linkage plates were cut from1/4 steel plate (hence the background
smoke), the master cylinder mount fabricated, the motor mount was fabricated (what a bitch!!!), and the '0.05 AGGRO' brass shifter
handle turned out!!!   

Gabe rolled up and set up a tailgate kitchen and kicked out some good BBQ'd dogs!  Then we had a swarm of visitors throughout the
day.  Brianne, Hubby Nick, and Little son Van (Cycle Cosmetics family) came over from Reno to pay a visit and talk to Batwing about the
seat pan cover.  Thanks for the visit folks!  We also had a visit from the Mosquito's!!!  One of the most bloodsucking Rock bands around!

We are still waiting on parts to show up so we can get our neckid gal completely mocked up!  Once the rear tire comes in, we will roll
with the rear end build up!

Ok, so we are progressing well at a steady pace!  This is just straight Down and Dirty '5' '0' AGGRO situation!!!!!    Don't let the bottom fall
out of your BEAVERHOUSEN and hold it together for next week my friends!!!!

Batwing and Dirty are pounding out
the handmade kickstand on the
poor mans anvil!

Every part of the kickstand was
made from solid round bar and
plate steel, the old fashioned way!

Dirty has taught us that the basic
tools needed to build a bike are a
Hotsaw, a Rosebud, a ruler, and a
Fender and sissy bar mounting.
Miss Sharon helped with the placement of the passenger pegs!  She is also to be
commended for keeping the house in order, checking in on us, and cooking our
grub.  A great supporter of the cause!
Lots of stuff happened during Weekend #4, including a haunting.  We put the front end on and mounted the rear wheel in order to set
up the handlebars,  rear fender, sissy bar, battery box, and kick stand.  Let me remind you that nearly everything on this build is being
hand fabricated from steel round stock and plate!  No Chinese catalog bolt on Crap on this bike!  All 100% Mexican and White Boy made
in the U.S.A.!!!

Batwings Father, Bob, came up and installed an upgraded stereo system in the shop and BBQ'd some home made sausage.  Uncle Bill
also came over and did some hands on with us.  Heck, one of our supporters, Stephen J. even came over with pizzas and got all Frosty
with the angle grinder in order to get the battery box together.

Dirty and Batwing made some good progress this weekend.  Batwing worked his ass off as primary Grind Monkey.  Dirty stayed on the
TIG welder all weekend since he is the best TIG guy here!   Dirty is a great shop teacher and has been instructing Batwing and Phil on
how to TIG weld.  

The weekend went by way too fast.  We were blowing metal dust out our noses and wiping black iron off our faces.  We want to thank
Bob and Bubba for all their kind support and Love.  We have all pulled together as trusted friends and family!!!!  Nothing else in this life
is nearly as valuable as trusted family, friends, and a good day of solid Choppin!

Now go out there and join up with a Tea Party and protect the United States Constitution!!

One productive day for this weekend!   Batwing and Bob (Dad) came over to LRC on Saturday and we decided we did not like how
the sissy bar cross member came out from week #4.  It just did not look right.  So, we parted out the sissy bar assembly by cutting all
the tack welds and starting over from scratch.  We were short on material, so we welded together two sections of 1/2" stainless
round bar for the first step of creating a new cross member.  Scott smoothed out the new section of round stock on the lathe while
Steve turned out some new stainless mounting spuds.  We experimented with various ways to heat and bend the stainless into a
nearly perfect arch without any kinks or flat spots.  We made a bending jig, turned off the shop lights, and fired up the Rosebud!   
We slowly and carefully put the bend to the stainless for a nicely shaped cross member.   Batwing got into the 'cut and grind'
groove and made that stainless cross member fit nicely into the sissy bar.  

Ok, so Dirty took the weekend to fly back to his home state and visit with his primary family.  He will be back at LRC next Friday with
the rest of us.

A special thanks goes out to Jim and Evelyn for the heart felt letter in support of the Chopper Symphony!  You are some Kind folks
with powerful Spirit!

All I (Steve) can say is this;  I have no regrets having a low income low class chopper business because the people I have
befriended as a result of this business are of the highest class and the highest caliber!!!!  

Stay tuned for week #6.
I Have


Welcome to Week 6!!  We have about eleven days into the build so far!   Scott received his new Biltwell pinstriped helmet from Josh
at Old School Helmets in Colorado Springs!!!  Thanks Josh!!  We dig it!!!

This weekend the battery tray was mounted, forward controls engineered, and the foot clutch was fingered out!  Batwings family
came aboard for a visit and as usual, Bubba cooked up a truckload of food!   Sakimoto put down the Hate on an intruding Cock and
an unwelcomed Dog.  Sakimoto suffered minor puncture wound injuries before the other dog got punched out by Batwing.   Another
haunting occurred with the visit of a deceased dog wandering the hallway and jumping on Batwings bed.  The spirits seem to enjoy
our company!

We are getting close to break down and finish welding!   We are only waiting on the carburetor to return from rebuild, then we will
start designing the exhaust system.

Dirty and Batwing were continually clowning around and singing.  I suppose this means they are feeling pretty good and had a good
weekend!  Sakimoto, Dirty's wanna be TBI Dog, also had a good weekend hanging out with everyone and protecting her property
interests.   Well, Batwing (AKA: Grindmonkey) didn't catch anything on fire this week.  We look forward to week #7.
Ok, so we are back for another productive week of Shop Class!  Dirty D and the Grindmonkeys completed most all the fabrication.  We
completed the controls, added some new designs, completed the headlamp mount,  the stainless exhaust pipes were built, exhaust
pipe mounts welded on the frame, most of the finish TIG welding on the frame was completed, and we completed the mock up.  AND
THEN,  within a matter of a dozen minutes, we tore the whole build down!!   About 12 days to fully engineer, fabricate, design, and
build, then about a minute to break it all down deep into a stranded skeleton!  Dirty D stitched the project up tight!

Another brain injury soldier (Javier) came out for his first week of Grindmonkey action with us old guys!  Bob and Steve went up to
Gabes new Honkey Tonk (in the making) and helped with demolition.  Bob (unintentionally) smacked Steve in the head with a 2" x 6" x
8' board and re-activated some hidden childhood ideas.   Brain injuries come at all different levels!

Gabe came over on Sunday, set up his tailgate kitchen, and cooked up some tasty Chow!  Travis rode up on his 1917 Harley and hung
out with the Motley mess of a crew for a spell.   All in All, a great weekend!  Good food, Good Family, Good Friends, and Good Times!  
With all the shit Gabe has going on, he still manages to help us out and stay tuned into the project!  Thanks Gabe!

Anyone who has fabricated and built a motorcycle knows the tremendous amount of work that goes into the project.  I'm not talking
about you catalog queens that bolt Chinese V-Twin shit together out of a catalog and toss on a $3k paint job with all bragging rights.  
I'm talking about the true love of labor involving the hands on of metal bending, cutting, grinding, welding, and forming the project.

The front end is out for re-furbishing .   The frame and parts will be off to powder coat soon.  

Born to saddle and ride!   The West is in our souls!  Come back for updates you all!

Build your own pipes, Dangit!  And don't grind
down the weld, Dag Nabit!
Be familiar with
and live by them!

Dirty D finished
welding the
exhaust pipes.
Dirty and
Batwing, dry
and wet sanded
the pipes, then  
polished them
to a mirror finish.
Scott and Sharon are Blowin Smoke!  Preparing for the fight against the Socialist take over
of the United States by O'Bam Bam and his obedient circus clowns!

Freedom comes at a price.  The price of arms and ammunition!
Week #8 my friends!!   Javier missed the short bus from Yountville and hitched a ride to Penryn to work and learn!  Gabe made
a nice stylin ignition housing that Dirty welded on the frame.  All the finish welding was completed and Gabe took the frame
and components away for powdercoat.  Dirty, Batwing, and Javier finished the Stainless exhaust.  The pipes are about the
nicest I have seen for a Harley!

Now we are in a holding pattern until the powdercoat is finished and the front end returned.

The Conley Clan came out this weekend and Bubba BBQ'd some FLAMING Tri Tips!!!   Give the girl a little Jack and Coke and
she turns Pyro.  Must run in the family.  Bob went up to Gabes and helped him with some more demolition work.  Dirty torched
a 5 foot section of railroad track into three poor mans anvils, so there was a lot of smoke and fire around LRC this weekend!

Stay Tuned for re-assembly!
We have some
down time, so we
are starting to
put Steve's '56
Panhead back

Hello Ladies and Gents!!!

Progress is upon us!  We are in the midst of final

Keep checking back for updates.

Thank You once again to all of our brothers and sisters
who are participating in this exciting project!

The gorgeous hand crafted saddle donated by Brianne at Cycle
Cosmetics.  Thanks so much for the dedication to this project Bree!!
The Bike is in the finals!!

Dirty installed the Crane Hi-4 ignition system and
completed the electrical work.

Gabe from After Hours Choppers fabricated the clean
ignition switch housing.

The wiring, oil lines, brake lines, and cables are tucked
away nice and clean.  ANSI certified!!

Batwing cleaned the tank and applied the inner lining.

Not too much further to go before Batwing will be foot
clutchin and hand shiftin this single brake Chop!

A few parts are still out to powdercoat and/or are still
being handcrafted.

Stay with us and keep checking back for the last days of
final assembly!!

June 6th, 2010

I appologize for the lack of updates on the project, but there has been nothing new to
report.  The only hold up on completion is a couple parts that have not yet arrived.

We did static time and start the motor.  Sucker idles nice and sounds awesome!!

I know the fire behind the project has died down, but I intend on lighting it back up here
soon enough!!  This is, and always will be, a project that we can all be proud of!
JULY 24TH, 2010
Ok, the Springer Front end rebuild from Freddie
Hernandez arrived!!!   It came out super nice.  Freddie did
an overall great job.  Thanks Freddie!

So we installed the front end, made front axle spacers,
balanced the front wheel, and installed the whole front
assembly including the headlight housing.

Gabe from AHC came over and installed the internal
throttle assembly that was donated by Russell Mitchel at
Exile Cycles.

There you have it!  

Once the tins are painted and pinstriped, Batwings Bike
will get a dedicated page for the final finished overview.

Hopefully we will see you all at The Philo Betto Family
Reunion on August 6th and 7th!
Batwing remains on active duty.  The Army recently issued new orders and shipped Batwing out of state to
a new base for further injury evaluation.

We will miss our Brother!

Enjoy the Ride!
Javier, U.S. Army Ranger!  Javier,
Sharon and I wish you the best on
your new life journey!