Phils El Diablo FXR
U.S. Air Force Pilot
Phil Rode his pretty Arlen Ness style FXR into Lillian Rose Choppers one day. The 1989 FXR had pretty pearl
paint, lots of shiny chrome, expensive pretty lights, and looked like an absolute cookie cutter piece of crap you
would see on the front page of 'American V-Twin' magazine.  In about 2 hours we cannabalized the bike.  In
about a couple months, we turned the bike into a classy tribute to soul and character!  Unlike any other FXR we
have seen!!!!  Now the bike is a foot clutchin, suicide shifting, meat grinding, Frankenstein for all spectators to
stare at in wonder! Your average Harley rider just cannot understand what this Pissed Off bike is all about!
Model: 1989 HD FXR
Engine: 88" Evo with Edelbrock heads and steep cam.
Exhaust: Lillian Rose Choppers 'Bull Horns'
Oil Filter: Stainless Remote by Lillian Rose Choppers.
Intake: Meat Grinder.
Suicide Shifter: Meat Grinder.
Tank: HD FXR, Lillian Rose modified.
Front End: HD 41mm wide glide with 5 degree rake
Transmission: 6 speed.
Primary Drive: BDL 3" open primary.
Paint: Hell No, only some sweet pinstriping by Kandystriper!
Saddle: Mexican blanket by some old retired guy in the country.
Rear Fender: HD cut up!
Controls: Just some old billet we fucked with.
Headlight: Lillian Rose Choppers Extended.
Handlebars:  Lillian Rose Chopper 'Diablo's'
Risers: Brass by After Hours Choppers
Tag Bracket: 'Shotglass' by After Hours Choppers

Builders:  Steve, George, and Phil with a little help from Jay!
Home Page
Phil on the EDR, 08
Depression sets in as Filthy Phil realizes he has destroyed and
ruined a typically expensive and highly pretty motorcycle.
Jose and 'Lupe' with Phil and his 'EDR'bike.  
Lillian Rose Choppers
The above picture was at
the Sleazyriders Show in
Sacramento.  Notice the
bikes in the background.  
I don't even know why
we bother!  It is an
empty shell of a show.  
Good thing we were
there to add some flavor!