Hand made oil tank with 1930's brass oil Sight Glass and polished  stainless
steel Fab Kevin mounts!
I make these oil tanks with an oil drain plug on the kickstand side for easy
draining. Each tank is made to order.
Piston Velocity Stacks milled, polished, and engraved by Steve at LRC.  TC-88 Pistons
that fit S&S Shorty Super E/G Carbs without any adapter.  Bolt right on!!
Lillian Rose Choppers is a dealer for JOE HUNT  and MORRIS MAGNETOS.
We offer the lowest prices available!
Steve only works with raw soft metals such as Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and Copper. No
chromed. painted, or coated parts.
Riser cap metal tattooing costs start at $185.00 per set and up for AHC riser caps.  

A single small AHC oil cap or AHC gas cap starts at $110.00 each and up.

Brass Points cover metal tattooing starts at $300.00 which includes the points cover.

An AHC brass air cleaner cover starts at $360.00 and up depending on design and detail. A full air cleaner
canvas may cost $460.00 for example.  Costs vary on the amount of time into the artwork and engraving.

E-MAIL ME  to check AVAILABILITY of parts and TIME FRAME for

No two Pieces are EVER made exactly the same.  Each piece is exclusive to the owner!  This is one custom
made item no one else will EVER have.
Unique Brass, Copper, and Aluminum parts for
your Scooter.  Risers, Tail Lights, Air Cleaners,
Remote Oil Filters, Parts that are cool as a fish!  
All made in the U.S.A.
Modified aluminum pop up gas caps.  Here is an example of what can be done with
those (previously) crappy looking pop up gas caps.  I bead blast the chrome off and
apply 6 coats of chemical gun blue to darken the aluminum, then the engraving.  
This sexy senorita was engraved on an After Hours Choppers bronze S&S air
cleaner cover for Jaime 'Chico' Perez of Vacaville, California.
After Hours Choppers brass risers engraved by Steve for some Crazy
Bitch's Sporty.
Goodson Air Cleaner Cover with Baby Woodrose Design
for RCC in Jewett Texas
Sugar Skull on AHC CV Carb Cover for 'Clyde'

U.S. Army Airborne Ranger SpecOps.
"Of One's Own Accord"
Solutions Machining Aluminum Magneto cap
After Hours Choppers Derby Cover
Goodson Air Cleaner Cover engraved for Keith at Rock Candy Customs
Von Dutch Style for the
S&S Super E/G Brass Air Cleaner Cover.
Super Bold LRC Pirate Font
for Barry Hand
IRONHEAD owners......Steve can cut a brass insert for your primary and engrave it with your design!  
We use 3/16" thick Naval Brass.  The cost of the cut insert is $140 and the engraving cost is determined
by the design and time involved with the job.
Engraved for Mario
Chopper Kultcha
For Stephen Griffin, Owner of
Scooter Tramps Motorcycle
Shop in Rock Springs Wyoming
After Hours Choppers Flat Track Risers
1/22/2010 AHC brass FT risers for 'Edge'
at The Horse Backstreet Choppers,
Columbia South Carolina
Zia Sun Symbol and Starburst
Star and SouthWestern Flames
Gas Cap
"Batwing On Yah, Batwing on Yah!!!"
Lillian Rose made to order shifter knob
Engraved for Tom Hancock,
Alpine California
Engraved for Larry K. Parker
(Rock Candy Customs), Jewett
Screw in cap graved for a NYPD
Cop named Guido
Sold to Kiwa Suakaui from Osaka Japan
Rock Candy Customs
Lillian Rose
Fuck The Feds (or Factory)  was engraved to cover
up blemishes on the rocker box
After Hours Choppers Brass
Springer Risers
Brass OEM style cam lock gas cap
Aluminum Flat Tracks for Sinister Sleds
For Mario at Chopper
Battery hold down for Panhead
May 1. 2010
'LIBERTY or DEATH' Brass Panhead Shift Knob.  Made by Steve at LRC  April 28, 2010
WCC/CFL Axle Plates for 'Dirty D'
S&S 'E' Carb cover For Tom Hancock's Panhead  2/2010.  Thanks for your Service Tom!
No two sets are the same!   For 56 Panhead. May 7, 2010
Sexy Retro Gal can be
tattooed on your lower
fork tube for  
She's a favorite!!
Brass tank panel  for 56
Panhead. May 6, 2010
CV carb air cleaner cover for Eli Wolf at Cheapskate Cycles.  Check it
out at
May 22, 2010
June 6, 2010 Brass key chain for Tom Hancock and his sweet Panhead!!
The Jack Daniel signature was engraved on a 3/16" naval brass Ironhead Primary insert plate made by Steve.   The Jack Daniels
product name logo was engraved on an AHC Shotglass Taillight brass bezel.   For Jons JACK DANIELS theme bike at Hoosier
Daddy Choppers in Indiana.
Goodson Mag Cover
'Thug Life' Brass shifter knob engraved extra deep for a super bold appearance.  This piece for Chopper Kultcha's European 'Biker Build
Off' bike.  June 27, 2010
At Lillian Rose, you
can have a custom
made Billet Brass or
Aluminum shifter
knob with either a
round top or flat
top.  Any knob made
at Lillian Rose can be
S&S Air Horn Cover for Mario at Chopper Kultcha in the UAE.
Brass Points Cover for
Hoosier Daddy Choppers
Jack Daniels Ironhead Theme bike.
Grateful Dead 13 point Lightning Bolt and Wings
Machina Mexicana for Captain Phils Mexican Machine Ironhead Kicker ........August 1st, 2010
After Hours Choppers 3" Brass risers with the caps custom engraved by
Steve, for Kenny in Riverside California.  Ken is rebuilding an Indian Scout
motorcycle in tribute to his dearly departed father.

August 13th, 2010
WWI Brass Knuckle Duster Kicker Pedals are a popular item.  I no longer engrave the face or back of the pedals since I now
use a larger diameter Heavy Duty Chromoly steel shaft.  Only the top side can be engraved.
These brass Flat Track Risers are for Mike at OLD STF in
Yuba City California.  Mike and his family have an
awesome shop and they build some of the finest Vintage
motorcycles around!
August 15th, 2010
Brass Points cover made by Gabe at AHC.
tattooed by Steve for Cullan Bied, U.S.
Coast Guard, in Beaumont Texas.
Brass Knurled grips engraved for Jon Shipley at Hoosier Daddy Choppers in
Bloominfield Indiana.  For Jons Jack Daniels theme bike build.
I do this stuff because I like it.  I know I am not the best, but I am self taught and my rough style suits
many tastes and bikes.  It is not a money thing, its more that I want people to have a unique stamp of
personalized meaning on their motorcycles.  This is so much like having a Tattoo because it is permanent
and unique to the owner.  You cannot buy that from a catalog.  I try my best to also sell motorcycle parts
that are not mainstream and are rare to see on other bikes.  How nice is it to step away from the Sea of
Clone Harley's and tasteless stale parts!!!

If you would like more intricately detailed scroll or Western style engraving, I recommend a professional
firearms engraver and/or engraving expert like Heather New at New Line Engraving in Canada.  Heather
is most talented and is a very sweet lady!
For Mike Simpson in New Zealand Sept 26th, 2010
Laurel Oil Level Sight Gauge Engraved for Jon Shipley's
Jack Daniels theme bike.
WARNING: This page may contain artwork that is offensive to some
people.  Each item is made for the individual customer and does not
necessarily reflect the view points of Lillian Rose Choppers.  Business is
business! We do not apologize for any of it!  
Brass head bolt covers.
Celtic Cross Air Cleaner Cover and Ann Marie Risers were engraved for Sean Sedotal to serve as tribute to a
loved one!   May she rest easy with God!
This was
my last  
job for

AHC Brass
Risers and
LRC Shifter
Ok, so I let Edge, from THE HORSE BACKSTREET CHOPPERS Rag,  talk me into doing one last job before the move!!   We followed
the Celtic theme of his new Panhead motorcycle with Celtic cross emblems and the expression of 'LIBERTY or DEATH' on the brass
shifter handle I made before packing up the bandsaw and lathe! Shifter handle is 2-1/8" tall, 1-1/4" diameter, with 3/8-24 mounting hole.  
The metal carving is deep cut for a bold and dimensional appearance.  Risers were also texture to match.
Scroll down to see the latest
projects towards the bottom
of the page
February 16, 2011
Brass Ironhead Rocker Nuts
for Mike Simpson, New Zealand.
February 25, 2011
Shawn Overstreet, Houston Texas  
March 14, 2011
AHC Riser Caps  March 20, 2011
'Hardy' Brass
Oil Sight Gauge
with '
F T F'
carved. Rippled
Keg Oil Tank
Kit for Charles
Johnson, Haslet
45" Harley Davidson heads carved on both sides for
a 45 classic build at OLD STF in Yuba City,

April 3, 2011
Daniel Lyons, Highlands New Jersey.  April 8, 2011
Billet Aluminum Gauge Bracket for Flyrite Chopper
belonging to Steve Cheney Nantucket, MA.
May 14th, 2011
For Big Dave Elliott, League City Texas.  June 5th 2011
Vintage style Smokin Skull with 'BORN TO LOSE' banner and brass points cover. For Big Dave Elliott,
League City Texas.  Thank You Big Dave!
Flat Track Riser Caps for Lon Arnecke,
Austin Texas
June 15th, 2011
TC Derby Cover, Points Cover, and Risers
for Saif Assam in Abu Dhabi, United
Arab Emirates (UAE).

All parts are solid Brass.

July 15, 2011
More of the Jack Daniels series for Jon Shipley's JD theme bike that won at the August 2011 Sturgis Rat Hole Bike Show.  Brass
parts include AHC 2" Risers, Crime Scene Choppers oil filter mount, exhaust tips and timing hold plug.  Jon Shipley is the owner of
Hoosier Daddy Choppers in Bloomfield Indiana.
Completed July 23rd, 2011.  Bike was featured in Easyrider Magazine.
For Bob Garbeck's Chop. Farmington, New York  
August 13th, 2011
For Roger Flisback, France        September 23,2011
Brass 'Nuclear' Oil Tank Plug for Martin Cottrell
Boulder, Colorado            September 26, 2011
AHC Brass AC cover Tattooed for Jack Deagazio,
East Syracuse, New York
Completed on October 14th, 2011.
Graffiti style design for Bill Tight
Niagra Falls, New York
October 30, 2011
For Lon Arnecke, Austin Texas.  Lon is building a sweet board
tracker style motorcycle that we hope to feature on this site when
it is complete!

November 17th, 2011
Brass Rocker Nutz!  (for Jacks 'Evil or Sacred' bike)
For Dave Clark, Contractor
December 9, 2011
Banana Caliper Insert.  Banana calipers suck!
Hardy Oil Level Sight Gauge
December 28, 2011
Dave's Flat Track  Riser Caps
If you are into winning bike shows and getting magazine coverage on your
bike, well, have me put the personal touch on it that will set it aside from all
the other bikes!

Mario from 'Chopper Kulture' and Jon Shipley from 'Hoosier Daddy
Choppers' both won first place bike show trophy's at the 2011 Sturgis Rat's
Hole bike show.  I engraved both bikes!  Two winners from opposite sides of
the world.

My engraving style is like no one else's.  No two engraving jobs are the
same, yet the Lillian Rose style remains uniquely consistent.
OEM Cam style
Brass Gas Cap
engraved for
John Nicklin.  
John is from
Maryland and
has been
building a really
cool Vintage
RAT Trike.

John asked me
to create a RAT
font with the
Rat tail
around the gas
cap sides for a
good gripping

Jan 12th, 2012
Jewelry for your Motorcycle!
This set was done for Ian Jones in the United Kingdom.  Riser caps
are from AHC Springer risers and the Happy Face oil cap is from an
AHC custom made oil tank.  The oil sight gauge is a Lillian Rose
Hardy oil tank sight gauge.

Completed January 20th, 2012
Brass Points Cover for Larry Langley
Kalispell, Montana
Flat Track Riser Caps for Kenneth Sass, Germany
For Pete Zibers at Bad Seed Motorcycle Company,  
Grandview Missouri.

This is the Bad Seed company logo and the barbed wire
completely encircles the outer rim.

After Hours Choppers Brass S&S Air Cleaner assembly.
For Norm Altop of Christian Motorcycle Parts,
Nashville IN
Brass Points cover and Brass Acme Risers for Kevin Becktell from
Robinson, Illinois. Completed March 3rd, 2012
Pineapple grenade is textured, just difficult to see in pictures.
Brass pushrod tube collars made by Mike at OLD-STF Motorcycle Shop in Yuba City

All brass

For JD Sansaver of Flying
Monkey Fabrication (FMF)
Culver City,

Complete March 11, 2012
Celtic Cross and Galic font designs for Edge's Irish Panhead.

Completed March 20, 2012
OLD STF brass pushrod tube collars engraved for Mike at OLD-STF!  Chicks dig OLD STF.
Well, we have all heard of the Bud Man!  Thanks Bud P!
Complete FXR set for Matthew Dunning in New Zealand.
April, 2012
Mexican Bandido style for Brian in Owasso Oklahoma, April 2012
Mexican Bandido Font!
Brass points cover for Kevin Becktell. Copied from Kevins leather tool bag.
After Hours
Choppers brass
shorty risers and
brass gas cap
tattooed for Jeremy
Schaub.  Jeremy
works at the
Pentagon for the
U.S. Navy,
Washington D.C.

These designs were
engraved in
memory of those
lives destroyed
during the
Chernobyl Nuclear
Disaster in Russia.
Matt Dunnings
FXR Primary
Brass manifold collars
Brass Hardy
Oil Sight
Tim Snelling, Fredericktown OH
For Alessandro Cascio in Europe
I made the Brass Oil Cap for a Harley OEM oil bag.
Engraved for Sean Daly of Tracy, California
After Hours Choppers Girl Logo
This is for my 56 Panhead!  August 7th, 2012
Solid Brass Biker Belt Buckles for Russ Niedwick   August 17th, 2012
Brass Gas Cap design by J. Schaub, engraved by
Steve at LRC
Solid Brass Belt Buckle
For 'Sexy Hot' Stacy Murphy!
Brass Flat Track Risers for Ivan De La Selva,
United States Air Force
Lillian Rose Choppers Motorcycle Jewelry!
As of April 17 2015, this refurbished
kicker pedal is for sale.