Lillian Rose Choppers was created in 2006 out of a passion for motorcycling and desire to fabricate hard  traditional
old style motorcycles.  

Quality is the key, not quantity!  Quality does not come cheap, quantity cookie cutter crap does!  Support your local
garage shops and that 'Anchor Chain' mentality that keeps the rare tradition of old style craftsmanship alive!  

Lillian Rose Choppers is a S
ierra Foothills Moto Shop open by appointment only.  We are selective with our bike
building style and refuse to build any catalog Chinese parts bikes.   If you are looking for a TV chopper or cheap
catalog bike, your looking in the wrong place!  

I hand fabricate parts and freehand engrave parts by special order for raw and creative garage built chops or to
personalize ANY motorcycle.  Don't care what type of motorsicle you ride!  I am not married to the notion of
'Harley's Only'. Harley's are my personal favorite, but I appreciate all types of bikes.  Sorry, I'm not a black leather
Harley warrior, just a simple guy with nothing to prove
and a meticulous hand!
God Bless AMERICA!!! Support and honor our United States Military!! They fight and die for your

Never forget about the Hero's and those murdered in the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Our enemies are Evil
and offer only death, so death is what we should only offer them!  

Thank the good Lord for our U.S. Army Ranger Bro's and all Combat Warriors for numerous deployments
to Afghanistan and around the globe to KILL the enemies of the free world!!!!  May God make smooth the
paths you follow!

The path to Hell is paved with kindness, so be a critical free thinker and don't let them take you alive!