Welcome to Lillian Rose Choppers, an Old Style segment of the  motorcycling counter culture and a small
town down to Earth Chop Shop.  We fabricate and build high quality riding machines and parts with Soul!   
Chop it! Grind it! Weld it! Ride it!

May God make smooth the path you follow and the road you ride!
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Lillian Rose Choppers OIL TANKS!

Below is the NEW 'RIPPLE KEG' Oil Tank with our Hardy Brass Oil Sight Gauge, Brass Cap, and Stainless Steel Mounting Rings.
This tank is now available with multiple options for cap/gauge engraving. $345.00 for the standard raw complete tank builders kit.   
Shoot Steve an E-Mail with any questions.
3-1/2" tall
3-1/4" tall.
After Hours Choppers S&S E/G Carb Brass Air Cleaner assembly with fine mesh stainless steel
filter.  One of a kind custom piece by Steve at LRC.
SOLD!  Blanks can be purchased from After Hours Choppers for custom metal tattooing.
NEW PRODUCT: Limited Edition LRC Ribbed Oil Cooler

the finest engineered CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Oil Cooler available anywhere!  9.5" in length, 1-3/4" diameter, 35
DEEP cut bull nose cooling fins, sturdy wide frame clamp, internal baffle for perfect surface area cooling, over 25 degree
reduction of engine oil temperature, and nice Artistic Retro Deco design with domed top and bottom.  
Where did the name Lillian Rose come from?   Lillian is my (Steve's) beloved mother and Rose was Lillians mother, my dearly
departed Grandmother.  Both truly wonderful and caring women who greatly cared for all of their close family and friends.  Lillian
was an original 'Rosey the Riveter'.   Rose was truly an Old World traditional European Lady who raised a herd of children.  Between
WWI and WWII, Rose and her family escaped near death at the hands of the Nazi's and legally immigrated to the United States.  They
came into the U.S.A. through Ellis Island and became Proud legal American citizens.  Roses sons Jack and Joe (my uncles) both joined
the United States military and returned to the European theatre to fight the German Army and Nazi's in WWII.  Jack landed on
Omaha Beach during the first wave of the Normandy Invasion. He was one of the few surviving original Airborne Engineers who
fought in the European theatre.    Uncle Jack survived the war and passed away in Florida on in January 2012 at the age of 92.  Uncle
Joe was a deep undercover operative (Special Forces) who conducted highly classified missions for the U.S. Navy in Europe.   Joe also
survived the war and returned home to raise a wonderful family!  Joe is now deceased, but he is not forgotten!

Lillian is in the ranks of 'the best Mom' a man can have.  She has a heart of Gold and has done so much for others.  Lillian has been
married to my father Dick for over 60 years!!    She shows her love through food.  I love her dearly!

Grandma Rose was a Gem of a woman and was so graciously Poised.   I wish she was still here today!

Lillian Rose Choppers!!
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Yes, it fits stock Harley's!
Message from Steve:  This website contains materials that may be considered
offensive to some people.  I do not intend to offend. I am not a wanna be 'hard core
biker', I am not a criminal, and do not waste time with unsavory mean spirited thugs.  
So if this website leads anyone to believe that Lillian Rose Choppers is in any way on
the fringe of the questionable  'wild biker lifestyle',,,you are wrong!  This is not Sons of
Anarchy or some version of 'outlaw biker life'.  

This place is simple.  It is a passion. It is a shop, it is a place for folks to feel
comfortable.  We like good people, good food, good drink, good
conversation.  The only thing you get here is top quality customer
service and a fair hand.  Oh,,, and I do find the female body
exquisite         and simply beautiful, so expect some mild nudity
on the site!                 Thanks for stopping over!
"My bike is the only bike that looks like all the other bikes in the mag that hasn't been in the mag yet."  
Meadow Vista
Yes it is Really EASY to
HOW TO PURCHASE from Lillian Rose Choppers:  Contact Me (Steve) by e-mail.  I only accept CASH, CHECK, USPS Money
Orders in the USA, or PAYPAL 'GIFT' Payments.  International Orders by PAYPAL
ONLY and payments must be sent as 'GIFT'.  
Contact me with your parts list or custom engraving orders and.
Available by mail order
Available frame clamp sizes are:
1", 1-1/8", and 1-1/4"  for OEM
frame applications.
Lillian Rose Choppers gives priority service to U.S. Combat Warriors,  Allied
Combat Warriors who train and fight with U.S. Warriors, Law Enforcement
Officers, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Service Personnel.

All Men are NOT equal and life is NOT fair!  So get over it!
To Order, make contact
by e-mail and you will
be sent a PAYPAL
"WOMEN!  You can't live without them and their bones ain't no good for
Lillian Rose Choppers Steve W.
Steve's recent points cover engravings.
All hand engraved and finished.
GOD HELP OUR NATION.  Obama and his
liberal administration have deeply injured the
great USA by failing to protect our border and
culture.  Obama is a weak person who takes
no proactive stance against the most viable
threats known to mankind.  Obama is
allowing the most deadly diseases to
penetrate our country and allows free border
access to drug cartels and Islamic radical
Muslim terrorists.  Obama is a PIGEON.  His
followers are morally corrupt and shameful.  
The USA and everything it stands for has
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We are in troublesome times.  PLEASE cast
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